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May 10 16 - cerealia inbox
cutlery: please do not take! (I'm barbeque as fuck)

Hello. You have reached the voicemail of Sebastian Michaelis. I apologize, but I am unable to take your call at this moment. Please leave a message, and I will return your call as soon as I am available. Thank you, and have a good day.

cutlery: please do not take! (that fucker was on point.)


Marlowe is a good birb.

Dec 13 15 - yana's blog posts'
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tumblr sucks butthole so I want to be able to find these posts more quickly when I want to reference something... All translations done by akumadeenglish!


  • "Sebastian, the ‘elite trash’
      I enjoy drawing Sebastian (except his face) since he is an ‘elite trash’ that genuinely lacks sense of shame and moral sense."
  • Sebastian's Pleasures
      "I personally think gloves are like underwear for Sebastian. (lol)"

  • Sebastian’s true nature
      "However, I’ll probably never state clearly what Sebastian’s true nature is. I’ve already vaguely decided on what he could be, though. (lol)"
  • Sebastian’s favourite type
      "Putting aside whether he himself likes it or not, I guess if it’s an order, he doesn’t have any no gos regarding outward appearance and age."
  • The taste of a soul
      "Sebastian is the odd one out there, that’s why he’s seen as “perverted” by Claude and as “an extremely bored person” by Will. "
  • White Day 2014 illustrations
      "Out of all the characters, he got the most presents; mainly tea, “adult-like” dark chocolates or chocolates in the shape of a kitty and a cute wrapping. What a gap."
  • Sebastian's "Profession"
      "I think Sebastian never feels embarrassed or ashamed, since he’s hyper-narcissistic."
  • Sebastian’s Behaviour
      "I mean, if necessary for the plot development, it is perfectly fine for Sebastian to stand on a piano and play ‘Rondo alla Turca’ with his bare feet. "
  • Sebastian’s ‘cool’ moments
      "I think demons have a certain outward appearance, for which they want to be admired by other people (since they are narcissistic, so to speak)."
  • The “Cutest Sebastian Ever”
      "( ◕ ‿‿ ◕ )<I’m done, young master★"

  • Ciel and Sebastian
      "To be honest, the only time these two characters get together is when they face a mutual enemy."
  • Tanabata at the Phantomhive Manor
      "Sebastian: As expected of you, young master. Your wish is quite *’negative in a positive way’."
  • Sebastian the Roomba
      "Sebastian: “Oh, it seems like SHARP-san is doing something interesting…”"
  • Transporting style variations
      "It seems like each media has its own tendency as to how Sebastian holds (transports) Ciel."
  • Difference between Alois and Ciel
      "As butlers, both Sebastian and Claude act very kind to their master, but in truth they are just 'demons’ who want to eat their dinner. Egoistic and hopelessly cruel, that’s what 'demons’ are like."
  • Kuroshitsuji #100
      "I originally imagined Argentine tango for the ‘black butler couple’ because this dance looks like as if the couple is fighting and I thought it would match them."
  • Yana’s comment on ch.63 (Ciel & Sebastian’s relationship)
      "Neither Ciel nor Sebastian were sassy from the very outset, there was a time when they have struggled in an uncool way."

  • Yana Toboso’s Japanese-style parody of Kuroshitsuji
      "Recently, he made a contract with a crow-tengu with a smug face..."
  • Ciel in the Circus Arc
      "What will happen if there’s a demon by your side? What will happen if a human being gets power? And if they used that power, what would happen then? It’s the theme I’ve wanted to elaborate on ever since it was confirmed that Kuroshitsuji is going to be a long-term series, or more precisely, it has actually always been the general concept [of this series]."
  • The collar types
      "I think I have managed to distinguish the types of collars since vol. 4 or so."
  • Morality/Justice in Kuroshitsuji
      "I think half of the characters who appear in Kuroshitsuji are either “good-minded people who took the wrong direction“ or “resolute villains”."
  • Kuroshitsuji collaboration shoes
      "It’s the first illustration and I already start feeling sorry. The real shoes are exceptionally pretty if worn by women, so please buy them."
  • Kuroshitsuji is a cooking manga
      "Whenever I draw Sebastian and Ciel seriously, the two of them often end up in a ‘(Sebastian) having a meal’-situation. "
  • Sebastian's Resemblance
      "The fact that Vincent and Sebastian somewhat look alike is intentional, but I rather think the reason for that won’t be touched upon in the main story."
  • How to draw Sebastian
      "The bangs are a very important part of Sebastian’s outward appearance."
  • Sebastian then and now (2006→2012)
      "But seriously, my art style has changed so much…."
  • Beauty and the Beast
      "I think our team’s topic for discussion for the next few days will be 'Sebastian’s kind moments which I can think of’. In our recent meeting though, noone could come up with a 'kind Sebastian’."
  • “Foreshadowing”
      "I started to emphasize those foreshadowing scenes in volume 3 or 4 though, namely after it was confirmed that I could continue drawing this manga series for another few arcs."
  • Which Sebastian do you like?
      "I wonder which one the readers like better, the elegant, nasty smug-face Sebastian or the beast-like, demonic Sebastian?"
  • Yana’s comment on Kuroshitsuji’s genre)
      "I want to learn [from those directors] more and draw Kuroshitsuji in a way that gives the readers lots of different impressions; of course, while keeping in mind to remain faithful to the [Victorian-] English style."
  • Yana’s comment on the official English edition of Kuroshitsuji
      "Whenever I receive the foreign edition [of a Kuroshitsuji comic book], I’m like “Oh! So that’s how they phrase it!”. Sebastian’s way of talking in vol.14 in particular was so cool that I couldn’t believe he is my own character. I was so excited!"
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